Neovim and Tmux


Dheepak Krishnamurthy


February 6, 2016


neovim, tmux, vim, writing

These instructions are OSX specific. On Windows machines, I tend to use Sublime Text or Atom. On Linux machines, I use Vim when my local machine is OSX running tmux.

I’ve found that with Neovim and tmux, I rarely have to leave the terminal to get something done. I wanted to save here some of the commands required to set up Neovim and tmux.

First update brew. If you don’t have brew, you can install it from here.

brew update

After updating brew, you can install Neovim from HEAD using the following.

brew install --HEAD neovim
brew reinstall --HEAD neovim

Install tmux using the following

brew install tmux

The following allows you to use copy paste instead tmux on OSX.

brew install reattach-to-user-namespace

This changes the cursor inside vim in the terminal when you change from NORMAL to INSERT and back.

infocmp $TERM | sed 's/kbs=^[hH]/kbs=\\177/' > $TERM.ti
tic $TERM.ti



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