Pandoc lua filter for alerts


Dheepak Krishnamurthy


March 31, 2022


pandoc, lua, filter

This is the example output of the markdown containing alert divs in pandoc. The unicode icons are inserted into the HTML using a pandoc lua filter.

❓ This is a warning.

❗ This is a error.

ℹ This is a info.

✓ This is a success.

🔎 This is a hint.

🚧 This is a todo.

💡 This is a tip.

📝 This is a note.

🥋 This is a exercise.

Quarto supports additional callouts.

This is a Quarto callout-note.

This is a Quarto callout-tip.

This is a Quarto callout-important.

This is a Quarto callout-caution.

This is a Quarto callout-warning.



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For attribution, please cite this work as:
D. Krishnamurthy, “Pandoc lua filter for alerts,” Mar. 31, 2022.